Life Story of a Fishing Boat and the Mystery of her two registrations

by Celia Craig

One boat, two registrations: paintings displayed in the Maggie Law Maritime Museum

"Trustful" ME 262

> Owned by David Andrew
> Painted by G.M. Brown
> Painting donated by Melvin Taylor

"Trustful" ME 132

> Owned by A.M. Craig
> Painted by Joseph Craig
> Painting donated by Celia Craig

The "Trustful" was built in St Monans, Fife at the Yard of James N. Miller in 1912. The painting by G.M. Brown shows the boat as she was in 1922 - 26, with registration ME 262. The Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther found reference to her in the 1928 Almanac when she was registered to David Andrew, the then owner. The 1947 Almanac lists his son, David Andrew as owner at that time. The painting by Joseph Craig shows the "Trustful" as she was in later life ,around 1972. However, the Dundee City Archive - Registry of Sea Fishing Boats in Scotland came up with helpful, confirming and clarifying documents with regard to registration dates and owners. ·

  • "Trustful" ME 262 was registered to David Andrew as owner in January 1923. ·
  • An appended note records that the Fishing Certificate and Registry was cancelled on transfer of the boat to Aberdeen, 27/08/47. From 1923 to 1947 the boat remained in the Andrew family ·
  • "Trustful" ME 132 was registered to William Smart Craig (Willie) and James Mowatt Craig (Jeems), my uncles, as owners in April 1948, with William as original Skipper, and A.M. Craig, my father, thereafter, presumably after my father joined the boat when his brother, Willie's arm was torn through the winch. ·
  • "Trustful" ME 132 was next registered to my father as owner in April 1967.

My father sold the boat to Peter Abernethy in 1974 : he is registered as owner in April 1975. There is a note appended referring to the closing of the Registry in October 1975 on transfer of Registry to Aberdeen.

Trustful ME 132

Pictured- at the stem, probably Big John, John Mowatt, my father’s maternal uncle - amidships – James (Jeems) Craig, my father’s eldest brother, and in the wheelhouse, either Adam Craig, my grandfather or Willie Craig, brother to Alex, Jeems and Joseph. In later life the Trustful had no wheehouse.

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