The Roy Souter Collection
MLM Cat Date ISBN Title Principal author Publisher Other
MLM00001 1997 9780563387220 The Call of the Sea Humphries, S BBC Books  
MLM00002 1988 9780707723396 Admiralty List of Lights Volume A Morris, R.G Hydrographer of the Navy  
MLM00003 1999 9780862418366 Salt in the Blood Miller, J Canongate  
MLM00004 2005 9781845020736 Aberdeen and the NE at War Bale, B Black & White  
MLM00005 2012 9781905765072 Knots Adamides, A Aura  
MLM00006 1998 9780754002567 Wives of the Fishermen Huth, Angela Lib  
MLM00007 2004 9781874012450 Ebb and Flow (Montrose basin) Heritage Society Cromwell Press  
MLM00008 1990 9780907033967 Trawlers and U-Boats in WW2 Hutson, H C Hutton Press Ltd Grimsby Fleet
MLM00009 2009 978862322400 Children of the Sea Aitchison, P Cromwell Press  
MLM00010 2003 9781904459026 Royal Navy Trawlers Toghill, G Maritime Books  
MLM00011 2008 9781904794288 Fishing and Folk Griffiths, Bill Northumbria Univ Press Life and dialect on the NE Coast
MLM00012 1988 9780906736104 The Waves are Free Irvine, James W  Shetland Publishing Shetland and Norway links 1940 to 1945
MLM00013 1971 9780460042130 Fishing Boats and Fisher Folk Anson, P.F Gresham Press Scottish Coast
MLM00014 1989 9780907618201 Naval Wrecks of Scapa Flow Smith, P.L Orkney Press  
MLM00015 1991 9780080412177 Shuipwrecks of NE Scotland 1444- 1990 Ferguson, D.M Aberdeen Univ Press  
MLM00016 1992 9780744521061 Ordinary Seaman Gordon, John Walker Books Ltd  
MLM00017 1981   To the Rescue Duthie, J.L Rainbow Books Life saving at Aberdeen 1802 - 1924
MLM00018 2005 9780007170326 The Wreckers Bathurst, Bella Harper Collins  
MLM00019 1971 9780900871030 The Smugglers Fraser, Duncan Montrose Standard Press  
MLM00020 2006 9780752438535 An Eye on the Coast Wilson, Gloria Tempus Fishing Industry from Wick to Whitby
MLM00021 1970 9780900871351 Portrait of a Parish Fraser, Duncan Standard Press (Montrose) Local history of St Cyrus
MLM00022 2004 9780904490329 North Sea Incident Credland, A.G Hull Museums Assault on the Hull fishing fleet 1904
MLM00023 2013 9781874012597 Fishing Communities Adams, D.G Pinkfoot Press Angus and the Mearns
MLM00024 2003 9781859735671 Fishing for Heritage Nadel-Klein, J Berg Modernity and loss along the Scottish Coast
MLM00025 2009 9780752449074 Kindly Folk and Bonny Boats Wilson, Gloria History Press Boats and fishing communities, Scotland and NE England
MLM00026 1941 9780727402066 Fishermen at War Walmsley, L Collins  
MLM00027 1990 9781853490002 Forty Years in Kincardineshire Smith, Alex McPherson Years 1911 - 1951
MLM00028 1973 9780950109534 Olsen's Nautical Almanack   Dennis and Sons  
MLM00029 1997 9780859763028 Discovering Angus and the Mearns Henderson, I.A.N John Donald  
MLM00030 1981 9780906554067 Loss of the English Trader Jolly, Cyril Acorn Editions  
MLM00031 1995 9780948636677 Fishing and Whaling Martin, Angus Museums of Scotland  
MLM00032 1967 9780900871054 Montrose (before 1700) Fraser, Duncan Standard Press  
MLM00033 2000 9781871704259 Caithness 2000 Living the Life Richards, Clive Nort of Scotland Papers  
MLM00034 1982 9781846970207 The Speak of the Mearns Grassic Gibbon, L Ramsay Head  
MLM00035 1988 9780951394700 Fisher Blue Buchan, Peter W M Bett Signed by the author
MLM00036 1991 9781872167190 The Real Price of Fish Ritchie, G.F Hutton Press Aberdeen steam trawler losses 1887 - 1961
MLM00037 2007 9781843410386 Grand Scuttle Van Der Vat, D Cox & Wyman Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow 1919
MLM00038 1904   Textbook on Navigation Gill, J Longmans Green Navigation and Nautical Astronomy
MLM00039 1988 9780859762298 Discovering Aberdeenshire Smith, Robert Donald  
MLM00040 1989 9780080377339 Fermfolk & Fisherfolk Smith, J.S Ed Aberdeen Univ Press Rural life in NE Scotland in the 18th & 19th centuries
MLM00041 2008 9781845022396 The Military Tradition Montgomery, D.W Black & White Service performed by alumni of Robert Gordon's College
MLM00042 1994 9780952256212 A Stranger on the Bars Marshall, C.W BPC AUP Aberdeen Memoirs of fishing in NE Scotland
MLM00043 1909   Tides and Tidal Streams Tizard, T.H Admiralty British Islands, North Sea & the North Coast of France
MLM00044 1934   West Coast of Scotland Pilot Edgell, J.A Admiralty  
MLM00045 1991   Official Year Book and Diary     Fishing Cooperatives (UK) Ltd
MLM00046 1977   Official Year Book and Diary     Fishing Cooperatives (UK) Ltd
MLM00047 2006 9780752438535 An Eye on the Coast Wilson, G Tempus Fishing industry from Wick to Whitby
MLM00048 1990 9780723237082 Observers Ships Dodman, F Warne  
MLM00049 1978 9780852634219 Fishermen Knitting Harvey, M Shire Album Full instructions for knittinh four garments
MLM00050 1964   Admiralty Maunal of Seamanship Admiralty HMSO  
MLM00051 1947 9780851743509 Brown's Signalling Stewart, W .K Brown & Ferguson  
MLM00052 1967 9780304933662 Book of Yachts and Dinghies Bristow, P Cassell  
MLM00053 1992 9780004700984 To See Oursels Kidd, D.II Nat Museums of Scotland Rueal Scotland in old Photographs
MLM00054 1947   Olsen's  Nautical Almanack   Dennis & Sons Olsen's Almanack. Poor condition
MLM00055 1981   Wir Bookie Shepherd, G.S Herald Press Selection of photographs of Arbroath
MLM00056 1986   Wir Ither Bookie   Herald Press Selection of photographs of Arbroath
MLM00057 2000 9780953523306 The Mearns at the Millennium Hall, A.H Hall, A.H Photographic record signed by the author
MLM00058 1997   Wick Lifeboat Cassells, I Cluny  
MLM00059 1984   Wick and Ackergill Lifeboats Marris, J Wick RNLI  
MLM00060 1993   Wick and Ackergill Lifeboats Marris, J Wick RNLI  
MLM00061 1975   The Scottish Lifeboat 1975 Elder, M   Various contemporary articles
MLM00062 1981   Investigate Scotland Alison, W.A Police Association  
MLM00063 1982   Sidlaw Breezes Brooksbank, M Winter  
MLM00064 1990?   Our Forgotten Heroes Taylor, L    
MLM00065     The Rugged Coast Le Blond, J Herald Press  Signed by author History of Arbroath Harbour
MLM00066     Berwick -upon-Tweed Lifeboat Bainbridge, B Cluny  
MLM00067 1947   Mariner's Almanack     Poor condition
MLM00068 2000 9781840330144 Old Stonehaven Watt, B.H Shenlake  
MLM00069 2001 9781840330977 Old Arbroath Scharlau, F Shenlake  
MLM00070     Merchantmen at War HMSO HMSO Merchant Navy 1939 - 1944
MLM00071 1959   Manual of Tidal Prediction   Brown Ferguson  
MLM00072 1999 9780862418366 Salt in the Blood Miller, J Canongate  
MLM00073 2001   The Whales of Montrose Milne, S The Montrose Society  
MLM00074 2001   The Whales of Montrose Milne, S The Montrose Society  
MLM00075 2006?   The History of HM Coastguard Gale, A Coastguard Agency  
MLM00076 1995?   RNLI in Margate Wear, A.E RNLI Margate 1860 - 1985
MLM00077 1995   The History of HM Coastguard Coastguard Coastguard Agency  
MLM00078 1995   Heavin' up the Gear   Banffshire Advertiser Fishing communities on the Moray Firth
MLM00079 1992   Lifeboat Stations Part 7 Scotland Morris, J Lifeboat Enthusiasts  
MLM00080 1988   A wild and Rocky Coast Souter, R Stonehaven Heritage Soc  
MLM00081 1985 9780900019197 Focus on Fishing Hay, E.R Abertay Historical Socy  
MLM00082 1988   British Lifeboats Morris, J RNLI Margate British offshore lifeboats
MLM00083 1992   Portsoy Harbour Grampian RC Grampian's Going Places Portsoy Harbour - Tercentenary
MLM00084 1988   Stonehaven Harbour & its Fisheries Ritchie, G.F Stonehaven Heritage Socy  
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